The preparation and use of Enzyme Indicators is incredibly easy. We offer a technical knowledge centre and full support, including site based knowledge transfer and user training and certification program. Contact us for a comprehensive set up quote.



EIs are available in packs of 50 tests. Each pack is complete and includes all the parts needed – with the exception of the actual reader device.

The standard pack contains:

•50 tAK decontamination performance verification (the EI)

•100 Luminometer tubes

• Reagents


• Protak Enzymatic Indicator tests

• ATP-SL reagent, Buffer A, ADP reagent.

• Protak Luminometer

• Luminometer tube and washer fluids

• PC or laptop with Windows operating system


For the purposes of this exercise, we are describing how to use the Protak PR160A EI Reader; a 180 test, fully-automatic machine.

1. Take (ATP AL, Buffer A and reagent) out of fridge and reconstitute ATP SL with Buffer A. Allow to stand for 30 minutes.

2. Turn on luminometer and perform machine self-test.

3. Unscrew reagent lids and submerge injector line P into reagent bottle SL and injector line M into reagent bottle ADP.

4. Load three empty luminometer tubes into carousel and close lid. Select ‘INJ. PRIME’ protocol and press start. Reader will now prime each line with reagent.

5. Open lid and remove used luminometer tubes. Luminometer is now ready to measure Protak Indicator Tests.

6. At the end of the testing, or end of each day remove the injectors from each reagent bottle and submerge into washer fluid and perform the luminometer injector wash programme.
The luminometer can be calibrated to the desired frequency using supplied standards.


Unwrap Protak EI Tests at location within area intended for gaseous decontamination. Record test identifier codes and position of each individual test. To assure complete mapping of the decontamination area we recommend 12 samples per cycle. 4 in the lower quadrants, 4 in the upper and 4 within the load in worst case placements.


Following the process dispense each of the tests from their holders into individual luminometer tubes. Simply push the test tube into the custom holder to release the test into the tube. Close tubes and remove from decontamination area.


When ready to read EI tests (must be within 12 hours), remove tube lids and load luminometer tubes into the luminometer carousel chain and close lid. Once luminometer is prepared select pre-programmed reading protocol, enter end user I.D. and press ‘Start’. The luminometer will now measure each indicator in less than 1 minute per indicator. Results will appear on screen of connected PC or laptop.

Luminometer software can be programmed to record up to 15 information fields such as individual test identifiers, test positions, cycle type and user and equipment I.D. Analysis functions include calculating mean, SD and CV of test replicates and performing process data trend analysis.