About Protak


Protak Scientific Ltd is a UK-based company formed specifically to bring the new science of Enzyme Indicators to market. That market is predominantly pharmaceutical companies across the globe that are likely to appreciate the many benefits EI’s have over the traditional Biological Indicators. The savings to the bottom line will appeal to the Financial Director as much as the time-saving benefits will appeal to the microbiologists and validation teams…

Protak has been working closely with Public Health England (PHE) investigating tAK technology and agreeing terms to commercialise and introduce this revolutionary product to the world.

As part of the commercialisation Protak Scientific and Public Health England will be closely collaborating to introduce our phase one product to key pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Public Health England was established on 1 April 2013, as an executive agency of the UK Department of Health, to bring together public health specialists from more than 70 organisations into a single public health service. With 5500 employees and £1 billion budget, Public Health England aims to protect and improve health and wellbeing; reduce health inequalities; provide a nationwide, integrated public health service; support people to make healthier choices; and provide expertise, information and intelligence.

Public Health England is committed to ensuring that its capabilities and discoveries are effectively developed and exploited in partnership with industry in order to benefit public health in the UK and globally.

It has considerable experience of forming partnerships with industry (both major companies and SMEs) and of commercialising its Intellectual Property through licensing, forming joint ventures and creating spin out companies.

Public Health England, Porton Down (previously part of Health Protection Agency) contributes to health through the provision of services and expertise, including commissioned research programmes on microbial hazards and the maintenance of a capability to respond to future needs. It also has a proven track record in the pre-clinical development of enzymes, bio-therapeutic proteins and vaccine products.

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