Protak Scientific win Healthcare and Life Sciences 2018 award

Protak Scientific have won the Healthcare and Life Sciences 2018 award as the “Most Innovative in Decontamination Testing Services”.

During the awards process over 90,000 Healthcare & Medical professionals, as well as the general public, were invited to nominate associations, companies & individuals based on their achievements over the previous 12 months. Additionally, Corporate Livewire’s extensive research team put forward a selection of individuals who have excelled within the sector. Information was submitted on each nominee to the independent judging panel who then decided upon the most deserving teams, companies and individuals to walk away with one of these prestigious accolades.

Phillip Godden, Founder and CEO of Protak Scientific, commented “It is very gratifying to win this award. Over the past our years the Protak team have worked extremely hard alongside Public Health England to bring this industry changing technology to market, revolutionising how decontamination validation is carried out.

The Protak Enzymatic Biological Indicator is a 21st century advance into a digital process that takes just 60 seconds and digitally delivers information that transforms the validation of Hydrogen Peroxide decontamination cycles. Using a thermostable enzyme that delivers a true biological challenge and pairing this enzyme with a bioluminescent assay, EI’s inactivation can be read simply and easily with a reader device

Around the world pharmaceutical manufacturers and healthcare institutions are now seeing huge advances and great benefit from immediate hydrogen peroxide process decontamination validation by EI’s.”

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About Protak Scientific

I am passionate about making the world a better and safer place hence my focus on bringing the revolutionary Enzyme Indicator technology to the pharmaceutical and medical markets - a way to know decontamination results in seconds, not days. With over 16 years experience in technical, pharmaceutical and scientific sectors, I have a diverse leadership background. I have gained significant experience in, and insight into, pharmaceutical and biotech fields through roles such as Sales Director, Managing Director and CEO, in companies such as Monmouth Scientific, Howorth Air Technology, WH Leary and now Protak Scientific.

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