PR2A Twin Shot, Fully Automatic Enzyme Indicator Reader


Protak’s PR2A Ultra-Sensitive Automatic “Twin Shot” Tube Luminometer. The Golden Standard of Tube Luminometers.

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Protak’s PR2A Ultra-Sensitive Tube Luminometer. The Golden Standard of Tube Luminometers.

Already in its 3rd generation the PR2A tAK reader offers an exceptional, fully automated E I reading solution with full data capture and a range of additional exciting features.


True photon counting technology coupled with selected low noise photomultipliers and an optimised optical design is the only accepted way to achieve a low and stable background.
This is a major parameter for high sensitivity in a luminescence measuring system enabling detection of extremely low amounts of Adenylate Kinase.

• less than 1 amol ATP per tube
• less than 0.5 zmol firefly luciferase per tube

Photon counting technology is characterised by a large dynamic range defined at the lower end by the low noise of the selected photomultiplier. The upper end is defined by the ability of the counting electronics to record and differentiate single pulses out of an avalanche of pulses. The PR2A is able to count up to 25 Mio pulses per second equivalent to a dynamic range spanning 7 orders of magnitude.
As no additional adjustments (such as gain and high voltage settings) are needed the PR2A offers convenience and security for every measurement over the entire life of the instrument.

Precise mechanics and the intrinsic stability of photon counting technology guarantee unrivalled repeatability of measurements. The instrument´s performance is stable over years. Time consuming daily calibration is thus unnecessary and you can concentrate on other and more important duties. The PR2A also features a self diagnostic performance verification cycle for absolute assurance.

Loading of the tubes is as easy and straight forward as defining a measurement protocol and as starting a measurement with the user-friendly ICE software. You will intuitively know your next click! Reading Enzyme Indicators is simple. Data collection is automatic. Log in to our secure area for more information and detailed operation instructions.

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