Phillip Godden voted Pharmaceutical CEO of the Year 2018

Phillip Godden, CEO of Protak Scientific has been awarded the coveted Pharmaceutical CEO of the Year 2018 by GHP magazine. The award recognises Phillip’s work in bringing Enzymatic Indicators to the pharmaceutical industry.  Phillip is hugely passionate about bringing this technology to market as he believes it will revolutionise the medical and pharmaceutical industries’ approach to Decontamination Validation. Mr. Godden commented on receiving the award, “I would like to thank GHP for the award, I have been working with  Protak Scientific for some 3 years                                                                                       and I am very excited to bring Enzymatic Indicators to the pharmaceutical industry. This technology has been proven over the last three years with                                                                                      large pharmaceutical companies trialling it is fast becoming the accepted alternative to Biological Indicators saving, time, money and ultimately lives. To have been awarded CEO of the year means something. It’s very seldom anyone says thank you to the boss for a job well done. More of my working life has been leading a team than anything else, so I do have to say a thank you for the award. Really, it’s a team award and I just happen to be leading. Protak is now delivering great benefit to our partners and that is a hugely satisfying feeling. Our company is now represented in every continent and I am sure over the coming years we will transform decontamination validation and lead new frontiers of process understanding. 

 Phil’s career to date includes 16 years of experience in technical, pharmaceutical and scientific sectors, Phill has a diverse leadership background. He has gained significant experience in, and insight into, pharmaceutical and biotech fields through roles such as Sales Director, Managing Director, and CEO, in companies such as Monmouth Scientific, Howorth Air Technology, WH Leary and now Protak Scientific. Phill is a true business leader and entrepreneurial strategist with a passion for industry changing science and believes that having great people and an excellent team alongside you enables truly great things to happen.

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