When you think about it, Biological Indicators are archaic. In this day and age, it’s incredible that we engineer our way around such an unscientific process… waiting up to 7 days to see if a bacteria will actually grow or not. This delay in validated result causes huge and now totally unacceptable risk to the pharmaceutical and medical sectors.



Instant results – This is THE most important factor in why this new science will change the world. Instant results mean instant action. And instant action is what’s needed to reduce waste, improve productivity and to, in the end, save lives.

Accurate data capture – EI READERS provide quantifiable, linear readings that provide users with substantially more information than the current BI’s. Enzyme Indicators can act as early warning systems – allowing performance monitoring, threshold release and automatic data capture.

Simple & easy to use – Our Protak EI Tests are simple and easy to use and so can be used regularly by medical and pharmaceutical users and technicians alike. A simple test strip is used alongside a bespoke luminometer, which reads and delivers results instantly.

Life-changing implications – From being faster to bring operating theatres back into service to ongoing surgical equipment validation and immediate medical batch release of medicines, the benefits are tangible – this revolutionary science may save lives.

Satisfies audit process – EI’s and tAK validation provide the information needed to satisfy the audit process quickly and easily – and satisfy the regulator’s scrutiny.

Performance assurance – EI’s are manufactured to eliminate rogue results and include an optional onsite self-validation process. Our Protak Enzyme Indicator Readers offer more accurate quantifiable data than traditional Biological Indicator tests.

Reasonably priced – Our EI technology, readers and test strips are reasonably priced and the results far outweigh the cost. They also have a long and stable shelf life compared with traditional BI’s.

Extensively tested by Public Health England (PHE) – PHE, a part of the UK Department of Health have been researching and testing this technology for 15 years and deem it ready to bring to market



Enzyme Indicators give immediate power through knowledge. Immediate and verified, this is a must-have technology for any environment needing decontamination performance validation.

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