Enzyme Indicators (EI’s) are an industry-changing advance in measuring decontamination performance. We believe they will change the world. No longer will the pharmaceutical industry suffer financial losses, wasted man hours and the burden of high risks. EI’s offer a fast, cost effective, accurate and risk-free alternative. We want leading pharmaceutical companies to spearhead the advancement of this new alternative to biological indicators and reap the benefits.

We want you to put it to the test and see for yourself what you are missing out on. In our Try Before You Buy programme, we allow you to buy smaller quantities of our Enxzyme Indicator product so you can put them head to head with your current biological indicator practices. It’s a low risk way to see how they work and how they can benefit your business. You can trial them for as long as you need, measuring cost efficiency, productivity gains and risk at the same time. We are sure you will decide on a full technology transfer at the end of it, as many have already.This trial period ensures you gain invaluable insight into both the accurancy and speed of this new science. We offer full training and certification and can help you utilise the quantifiable data in the best ways for your business.

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Complete the form below to book a trial consultation with us. We will get to understand your business and the nature of your decontamination processes and will help you create a trial that meets your business needs and initial budget. We will ensure you know how to measure it effectively so you can be sure the comparison results are accurate and actionable. We will monitor the trial alongside you, supporting you as needed with advice and hands on help. And when the time comes (and we are sure it will) we can devise a bespoke technology transfer plan and certification programme.

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