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Very simply, in order to use our Enzyme Indicator tAK technology you will need to have tests and a reader device. Dependent upon the volume of test you will be performing on a weekly / daily or hourly basis this will drive which test reader you require. The PR2A facilitates simply reading of one shot while the second is loaded, the individual cycle time is less than two minutes which gives plenty of time to prepare the next test for reading. Realistically allowing for user processing and preparation, it is not unrealistic to expect 12 tests to be fully read within 30 minutes. If the volume is much higher then you may wish to consider the PR160A – this is a fully automated reader that will perform the test process much quicker and facilitates up to 160 tests to be read in less than 10 minutes.

We are happy to advise you so please do get in touch for a consultation.

The next part is the actual tests themselves. Simply choose the test you need from a choice of three. A non-sterile test that is idea for the medical sector generally or new pharmaceutical  equipment validation and cycle development or for live processes that are more critical we would recommend the endotoxin free versions. For the most critical processes we even have a gamma irradiated sterile product for complete process assurance.

In order to fully harness the full potential of our Enzyme Indicators we strongly suggest technology transfer and that product training is undertaken. Please speak to us about our try before you buy package and the training and certification that is included.