Meeting the challenges of Annex 1 through the use of Enzyme Indicator technology

Free webinar hosted by Protak Scientific Over 50% of the top pharmaceutical companies are already using Enzyme Indicators such as Pfizer, Roche, Sanofi, AstraZeneca, GSK, Novo Nordisk for the production of sterile medicinal products.  Protak Scientific are the manufacturer of Enzyme Indicators – the advanced rapid validation tool for measuring hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination performance.  We’re […]

Enzyme Indicator technology is improving aseptic pharmaceutical manufacturing processes

When high-value products are handled, the risk of bio-decontamination validation failures can lead to expensive and lengthy failure investigations leading to lost production hours and potential batch rejection. Enzyme Indicators eliminate the traditional ‘run to fail’ validation approach as data is provided instantly. The quantifiable results that Protak’s technology provides enable optimisation of cycle design […]

AstraZeneca optimise cycle development with Enzyme Indicators

How AstraZeneca Optimized Vapor Phase Hydrogen Peroxide Gassing Cycle Development With Enzyme Indicators Vaporized hydrogen peroxide (vH2O2) is widely used as a surface decontamination tool in the pharmaceutical industry. Vaporized hydrogen peroxide is safe to use, has good material compatibility and low toxicity, and is active at ambient temperatures; it is scientifically proven to have […]