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Enzyme Indicators provide results in 60 seconds

New PDA paper published on VHP validation

Published in the PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology 2021 (co-authored with Metall+Plastic).

The Application of enzyme indicators in hydrogen peroxide biodecontamination cycle development:

A critical evaluation of indicator variability and correlation to biological indicator results.



Unlike Biological Indicators, Enzyme Indicators give immediate power through knowledge. Immediate and verified sterilizer lethality confirmation, this is a must-have technology for any environment needing fast decontamination performance validation.


EI READERS provide quantifiable, linear readings that provide users with substantially more information than the current BIs. Enzyme Indicators can act as early warning systems – allowing performance monitoring, threshold release and automatic data capture.


From being faster to bring operating theatres back into service to ongoing equipment validation and immediate medical batch release the benefits are tangible – this revolutionary science may save lives.


Enzyme Indicators, and tAK validation provide the sterility assurance needed to satisfy the demonstrated lethality audit process quickly and easily – and satisfy the regulator’s scrutiny.


Enzyme Indicators, are manufactured to eliminate rogue results and include an optional onsite self-validation process making them perfect for decontamination verification, infection prevention, sterility assurance and aseptic manufacturing.


Enzyme indicators require no incubation. A simple process, performed by a self-calibrating, fully-validated reader provides instant decontamination verification.

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Traditional Biological Indicators 7-day Incubation Reduced To 60 Seconds

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Product should never be released without knowing that decontamination processes were carried out effectively.

Senior Scientist

Public Health England